28 May 2011

.Day Four.

. 10 Perkara Yang Ingin Saya Katakan Pada Seseorang .

Ini agak susah jugak. ermm, to whom it may concern :

1. I love you so much ---> I mean so MUCH !

2. Thank you, because always there for me ---> even not all the time

3. You're looks so adorable when playing with the kids & kitten =)

4. I love when you smile ---> no doubt =)

5. I love your light brown eyes ---> fascinating, wink~~

6. i feel so much appreciated with all your help on housework

7. I know you scared of high, but you never admit it ---> *ehehehehheheh*

8. let's produce super cute babies ---> insyaAllah =)

9. i would be nice if you can warned me whenever you want to kentot ---> -___-''

10. I'm sorry for everything I've done to you.



Anonymous said...

sudah lama aku usha dia,,,nape ko rampas dia!!!!!

elle shahri said...

do I care ?