03 June 2011

.Day Nine.

. 10 Ways To Win My Heart

Macam pelik je nak buat 10 things untuk Day Nine nih. Apepun, my heart already taken by him. Just enjoy the list keh. =)

1. Tinggi ---> i'm 162cm only, so make sure he taller than me. But not so taller. 

2. Have sweet smile ---> Oh My Gosh !! *melted*

3. Sense of Humour 

4. Polite ---> to everyone 

5. Reliable

6. Full respect ---> to everyone. yang penting for himself.

7. Responsibility

8. Always being there for me

9. Not too neat and not too shabby

10. Being yourself ---> Just the way you are =)

.With the WINNER.


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