18 June 2011

.Hari Ayah.

Selamat Hari Bapa buat En Shahri. Even though I rarely said that I love you, and you rarely said that you love me but with all the cares and attention that you give, its enough for me. All the pain and difficulty to raise me and siblings, I can't imagined how much you have sacrifice for 6 of us.

Everytime I felt sick, you always there to cheer me up and you always bought me a Chipsmore. I've done the same thing when you felt sick, I bought you a Chipsmore to make you feel better. You inspired me so much and I want you to know that you are my first love.

You're the one who teach me about engine.
You're the one who educate me about human values.
You're the one who taught how to fishing.
You're the one who explained about football.
You're the first person who bring me to the McDonald
You're my guidance when I've got stuck repairing plug
 You're the one for me.

Saya Sayang Ayah =)

Selamat Hari Abah buat En Sharif dan semua Ayah, Daddy, Papa, Walid, Baba, Bapak di seluruh dunia. Pada bakal bapa juga. We love you. =)

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